District Images – a Return to the Past
‘District Images‘ is a mini field and archival study that involves looking for old photographs of the neighbourhood and/or selected buildings (e.g. school, community centre, library). Participants will create new versions of archival images and compare what used to be and what is currently there and, in the process, learn about the importance of photography in documenting local history. The activity will also be an opportunity to visit places where one can obtain information about the past, such as the local archive, the city hall and... a meeting with senior residents.
Photographic duos, or fashions in old photos
‘Photographic Duos’ is a fashion-themed activity about the fashions from the different decades of the People’s Republic of Poland. Based on archival photographs from the www.abc.tychy.pl website and from family albums, the activity is an opportunity to jointly explore the meaning of fashions in people’s daily lives, how it is related to politics, and what were some of the characteristic features of the period’s fashions. It also serves to provide participants with an opportunity to gain hands-on experience of working with archival photographs and how to use them as a starting point for collecting memories, or even... organise a fashion show.
What makes a city friendly?
‘Friendly City’ is an opportunity to take a closer look at the public space in your city/town/district. Archival photographs of Tychy will become a starting point to talk about what it is that makes a space friendly and gives its residents and users a sense of well-being. The activity can even be an opportunity to… talk to a local urban planning officer.
Bringing Tychy closer to you: urban memory
Working with a deck of memory playing cards is an opportunity to get to know Tychy better and discover how the city has changed over the decades (1951-1989). Younger players will have the opportunity to learn about the history of the places, while adults will be able to go down memory lane. It is also a unique opportunity to talk to your neighbours about how the neighbourhood has changed, what shops used to look like, what cars drove down the streets, how people dressed, and what games kids played in the yard. Have you ever been to any of the featured spots together?
‘When you were my age’: creating a family archive
Creating a family archive is about working with memories and photography using simple tools, such as a mobile phone, smartphone, tablet or laptop. We all use them daily to take photos, record and watch videos and share them online. Can a common everyday device be used to discover family history? Absolutely!
‘My treasured city spot’: an outdoor game for family and friends
‘My treasured city spot’ is an outdoor game for those who, for various reasons, are unable to meet each other in person. Based on the idea of treasure hunts, quests and urban games, it is a way to bridge the gap between friends and explore the city together using new technologies.